Terms & Agreement

Subscription General Information

The Rider will have the bike for the duration of the weekly/monthly subscription. The Rider is entitled a free replacement bike if rider current bike is non-fuctional. Rider must have a bike that is working properly and BikeDash will make a best effort to fullbfill this obligation. Rider is entitled to rider amenities including Bike Bag, Bike Cover, Helmet, Battery Charger, Keys and Power lock. This is a one-/time offering at delivery and won’t be replaceable if lost or stolen by BikeDash.

Monthly Subscription - 24 hour notice -Delivery and Pickup included. -This is a month-to-month rolling subscription that does not require a pick up time. Start time commences at Bike Delivery drop off and is charged in 30 day increments.

Conditions & Rider Responsibility -

The renter shall ensure that all reasonable care is taken when using the Bicycle. -Renter will make best effort to protect investment in subscription by locking bike, using bike bag, bike pump when appropriate and storing battery inside and away from potential hazards. (BikeDash recommends to keep bike indoor) -Renter agrees that Bike is property of BikeDash and will not resell or use bike for commercial purposes, including modifying the bike in any way. -Renter must be 18 years of age and supply proof of identification (digital) in the form of passport, specific ID, birth-certificate or driver licenses upon delivery.

Subscription Term, Theft and Termination Requirements

  • Rider is not responsible for any cost of accidental damage to bike including flats, scratches, broken spokes or anything that prohibits the bike from riding. Rider therefore is entitled to pay $0 in maintain fees during the duration of there subscription. 

  • Rider has a maximum of three free Bike Swaps/Maintenance issues during there subscription & BikeDash reserves the right to charge $25 on Customer/Riders 4th issue and need for BikeSwap.

  • Theft results in immediate ending of subscription and a refunding of subscription will be at the discretion of BikeDash

  • Theft must be reported within 24hrs notice to insure a proper investigation and a police report will be made

  • Renter agrees to pay deductible for stolen bike or any bike Accessories listed

Deductible/Theft & Lost Item Customer Costs

Dash E-Bike ($1500)

Missing Charger($50)



Missing Charger($50)

Helmet ($25)

Bike Bag ($15)

Bike Lock($20)

Theft insurance covers $1200 worth of Dash E-Bike with a $300 Copay. Rider owes BikeDash $300 minimum in the event of a theft. -Rider is responsible for bringing back entire checklist of Bike and Bike Accessories.

Rider is responsible for bringing back entire checklist of Bike and Bike Accessories. Failure to return any of the items listed above results in the payment from Customer/Rider to BikeDash. Payment is immediate at end of subscription or otherwise at discretion of BikeDash.


  • The Renter is obliged to authorize a credit card or bank transfer agreement, as applicable, for the monthly subscription costs and any other eventual charges at the start of the Subscription.

  • After 30 full days BikeDash reserves the right too charge customer on Monthly subscription when applicable

  • In case of extra charges such as deductibles/theft Bike Dash reserves the right to demand payment.

  • When the Subscription costs cannot be written off or are wrongfully cancelled, the Renter is in default. The Renter will receive a reminder to pay the due amount within 14 days. If the amount is not fulfilled within an additional 10 days, Bike Dash will place the claim for collection. All extra costs, interest and extrajudicial costs are at the expense of the Renter

  • The Renter must examine the Bicycle upon delivery. If the Renter commences with use of a Bicycle, this will be regarded as proof that the Bicycle is functioning properly.

  • The Renter must give immediate notice to BikeDash of any defects on the Bicycle, the use of the Bicycle is at the own risk of the Renter. In case of doubts on the

  • Renter’s part concerning the safety of the Bicycle, the Renter should contact BikeDash immediately.

  • BikeDash is not liable for any damage suffered by the Renter as a result of using the Bicycle, unless there is willful conduct or deliberate recklessness on the part of BikeDash or for damages that cannot be excluded on the grounds of mandatory statutory provisions.


BikeDash reserves the right to terminate (completely or partially) the Subscription via a written notification to the Renter in case of: The Renter is in default concerning obligations rendered in the Subscription; -Bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings are commenced against the Renter; -The Renter enters a debt relief program. Seizure of the Bicycle preventing the Renter from fulfilling his obligations from the subscription; - the Renter uses the Bicycle contrary to the provisions in the General Terms and Conditions (e.g. the provisions in clause 4); The Renter is misusing the offered services; -The Renter willfully provides BikeDash with incorrect information; -The Renter has the right to terminate the Subscription immediately in case BikeDash has seriously failed to fulfill its obligations from the Terms and Conditions. The foregoing does not affect the right of termination of the Renter who is a Consumer BikeDash reserves the right to cancel for any reason