What We Do

We offer various bike rental services that include 3 options

Daily Beach Bike rentals at one of our various Bike Vending Machines

Bike Repair Delivery Service

 Monthly all inclusive E-Bike Subscriptions

for commuters that want a high quality bike with no headache and a cheap price.

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E-Bike Subscription

  • Pay Monthly & Cancel Anytime 

  •  Delivery & Pickup

  •  Accessories included

  •  Bike swap/ $0 maintenance

  • 7-Speed & 55+ Miles Range(battery)

Service Area: San Diego County.

 “Tourist, Commuters and Locals welcome!”

Rent-To-Own $150
dashbike rental

BikeDash Bike Repair

BikeDash will send out it’s expert BikeDasher to be your Bike Repair Broker and find you the best deal & service. We are a delivery service that has preferred partnerships with Bike Shops that will be doing your bike repairs. We will have Bikeshops email you a quote and we will handle everything from there after.


  • Delivery & Pick Up

  •  Finds the preferred BikeShop for your Bike

  •  Free Cancellations at no cost to you(includes delivery fee)

Option for E-Bike Subscription Discount

  • BikeDash will supply it’s Dash E-Bike-$85 off for all BikeDash Bike Repair customers

  • $85 off for all BikeDash Bike Repair customers

  • Keep riding during your Bike Repair Period

  • Just input discount code in our normal E-Bike Subscripiton

Discount Code:BikeDashrepairdiscount
Delivery Fee Cost: $55 
Bike Repair

Delivery Rentals and Monthly Subscription Includes:

Delivery/Pick up included FREE

Maintenance free bike swapping & roadside assistance 

Includes: helmet, lock, 

battery charger,  bike pump 

Monterey Public BikeShare.

  • Find nearest Hotel.

  • Park on Hotel Property or nearby

  • Payment via Credit Card

  • Helmets & Locks at Front Desk

  • Bring bike back to same Hotel/Station

Daily Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals at your doorstep

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