Bike Maintenance             

Does my monthly subscription get paused between waiting to get my bike fixed?

Unfortunately, we do not pause subscriptions during wait times for broken bikes, but we will do our best to fix or swap your bike with a working one in 24hrs.             

Is there any maintenance I should expect for a longer term Monthly subscription?

Yes, we give you a bike pump which we recommend you periodically fill tires up to 60psi. 


When will my credit card get charged?

Your credit card will get charged during Sign up for your weekly subscription or monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions for second month charges will be exactly 30 days after the first day you received your BikeDash Bike.     

What fees can I expect outside of my weekly rental or monthly subscription?

Basically None! We guarantee a working bike during the duration of your subscription with no extra fees. Just make sure to return your Bike + accessories. Additionally, make sure to schedule your pick up date for your monthly subscription because after 30 days we will charge you for a second month. 

Delivery & Pickup 

How does Delivery Work?

To start just make sure you go on website and schedule your delivery by going through our process. We require 24 hr notice and for weekly rentals you must schedule both your delivery and pickup at the same time.

What are the Current Delivery Zones?

We operate within Monterey County & San Diego County. 

What time Zones do you delivery and pick up?

We deliver and pick up between 9am and 5pm.

Other Rules & Comments 

  • You must be 18 years old to sign up and provide drivers license or passport

Bike Theft 

Customer is responsible for cost of bike if stolen. Cost breakdown can be found on our terms and conditions page. With a maximum payment schedule of six-months Please Lock bike up at all times. We recommend keeping bike indoors as much as possible and taking battery with you at all times to minimize exposure. In case of theft, we will create a case on your behalf with our local police department via identifying BikeDash bike and return any funds to customer in the event we retrieve the BikeDash bike.